December 2007, AccessData, Lindon, Utah, USA

Former employees were sad to learn recently (and not from AccessData) that sometime around Halloween of this year, their personal information, including name, birthdate, mailing address and SOCIAL SECURITY number was "accidently" distributed as part of an inter-office email to all employees!

Unfortunately, it was also discovered that Utah law allows companies to escape the moral obligation of informing affected individuals and AccessData top exectives, a.k.a Self Serving Morons, made no effort to inform the affected group as they were able to determine (through some magical means I suppose) that there was no "likelihood that personal information has been or will be misused for identity theft or fraud purposes.." ( UTAH Code 13-44-201 UTAH Code 13-44-202 )

God Bless America

Who wrote that law anyway? Oh yeah - Utah Law Makers (a.k.a Another Bunch of Self Serving Morons)

Bytheway - we're still waiting to hear from AccessData. And since personal information doesn't seem to be that sensitive at a COMPUTER FORENSICS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY...

I'm sure that Dianne Hadlock - the offending (explitive) that sent the file,

Ken (last name) The CMO (Chief Moron Officer),

Eric Thompson, company owner and overall flake (my opinion of course)

Won't mind if I share a little bit of theirs here (a matter of public record)

...more to come...

Yeah, Ken - I'm just a little dissapointed and extremely PISSED OFF. or wait - maybe I'm extremely dissappointed and a little pissed.



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